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Dec 3, 2012 3:00pm EST
done by the crc. >> so, bob, you say critics like aaa want to kill e-15 because of ethanol? what is your argument? why would they want to kill e-15? >> well, look, there's no evidence to suggest that there are any problems associated with e-15. e-15 has been the most tested fuel in the history of the environmental protection agency. in fact, there were 86 cars tested over three years. the miles driven by those cars are the equivalent of six round trips to the moon. you could not have tested e-15 any more. and the only problems that were found is a couple of deer were killed on the test track. >> okay. let me ask you this, according to aaa -- bob, i want you to tell you whether you believe this to be true or not. according to aa, bmw, chrysler, toyota, nissan do not cover damage under warranty. hyundai, kia, volvo have said e-15 might void their warranties. do you dispute that? >> ford and general motors have warrantied e-15 for 2013 vehicles and on, which is the first year they were able to provide warranty coverage because prior to that the epa did not allow e-15 be sold. prior
Dec 5, 2012 3:00pm EST
to explain about that. plus, we have bob from jones day who specializes in wall street deal making. jeff, it is ammo on wall street to do things behind closed doors. you don't want word to get out on the negotiations. it gets too messy. >> right. i wouldn't advocate for a lot of people to do what wall street does. one thing you can say is they've helped facilitate thousands of mna deals this year. they've figured something out with these transactions. the deals that are most successful have the better chance of success are the ones that you negotiate behind closed doors, not the ones that turn into hostile battles and spill out into public, which is what we're seeing noup. >> i understand that, but at the same time, what wh are we going to have a deal already? people are so frustrated by this. we've had 13 months to think about. now we're down to 26 days. bob, can you really make a deal on the fiscal cliff when the negotiation is out in public? do you think we'll get a deal done? that's what everybody wants to know. >> if everybody thinks we ought to get to a deal, we'll get to a deal. t
Nov 30, 2012 3:00pm EST
for credit investors. they still want to buy this debt. >> bob, what do you make of what's going on on the floor today? are these companies outperforming right now? >> the short term, yes. i'll tell you what the problem is. it's been very difficult to actually pick the companies and get them right. it's only really been a small handful, particularly the ones that have moved from january to december. walmart is the big one. there haven't been an awful lot of others. here's the good news. there's a drop date. people say it's about december 17th. if we get nothing happening by december 17th, there's going to be a flood of companies that are either going to do special dividends or move the dividend of forward from january into december. you're not going to have to pick it. you're just going to see it move forward here. i think that's the good news. >> we're running the list of companies. looks like a k-tell commercial. >> in the universe of stocks, it's still not an enormous number. >> what's the downside, steve? here we are on the edge of this fiscal cliff. a lot of people say if we
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3